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Quelques photos...

                               Here some pictures from our collection... Enjoy !!!!

Jouet mécanique, 1/43è - Wind-up toy - Diecast model

You can see a wonderfull wind-up model from SHUCO in perfect condition and two DINKY TOYS from the 30's... Nice...!!!

Poupée - Doll

Beautifull example from the german maker D.E.P., dating from the 30's. This doll is mint and boxed too. It's based on the famous JUMEAUX models.

Jouet culte - famous toy

Here an other famous Battery Operated toy : The Haunting Hollow House from Marx - dating from the 60's. It's in top condition and all the functions are perfectly working. SOLD

Jouet tant aimé - Those lovely toys

Here a fine example of a 2CV from CITROEN. This toy was made in the 60's by the Japanese mark DAIYA. This one is mint and boxed !! SOLD

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