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  1. How To buy old toys ?
    In the beginning, you have to get a lot of books to make your own opinion about price, to be informed about the existing toys,... Please, do not try to buy without any kind of experience.. I know, easy to say...
    One other thing : you may read a lot of books, you can (and will) make mistakes (It's happened to everyone of us). Do not panic, that's "Learn money". You will never do the same mistake again, I can garantee that !!!
    The easy way is to make a choice in the items you want to get, a selection (for instance : police cars, fire engine, Mickey Mouse, Character's toys,...) Actually, it's the most difficult thing to do if you have a real passion (like me) for old toys. It takes me 12 years before I decided to base my collection on Battery Operated Toys, so don't give it up..!!
    Other advice I would like to share with you : Buy with your "heartbeat" !! You will never be desappointed at all !!!
  2. How to keep your toys in good shape ?
    For all kind of toys (B/O, wind-up, etc...), you may storage your toys in a dry room, with temperature around 18-19°C (min). Keep your toys out of the sunlight (it can alterate the colour of your toys). Clean them up 2 to 3 times a year (if you get the time) and let them work. For Battery Operated Toys, it's really necessary to do that if you want to avoid problems. They need to be cleaned and want to work too !!!
    Do not use any kind of agressive product for your toys (you can get in trouble with their paint !!). You can always put handgloves to manipulate them.

    Finally, be carefull with them and love them. They will pay you back !!

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